7 Things You Can Make From Cereal Boxes

7 Things You Can Make From Cereal Boxes

Want to know what cool things you can make from cereal boxes. If you want some upcycling projects, then check out this list. I have tons of cereal box crafts you can have fun making.

I’m really not complaining since it’s quick and nutritious and in just minutes, they’re ready for school. With that, I end up having tons of empty cereal boxes to deal with. If you know me, it’s in my list of things to never throw away. So with that in mind, I searched for upcycling and repurposing ideas for all of my cereal boxes. If you have the same dilemma, I’m sure you’ll have fun with this list of amazing things you can do with those cereal boxes. Let’s make it our next DIY craft project!

Magnetic Paper Bin

Never have papers scattered around the house with this easy upcycling idea.

DIY Magazine Holder

Got magazines lying around? Get them organized by making these pretty magazine holder from a cereal box. Customize the color and pattern to however you like.

Cereal Gift Box

Why buy gift boxes when you have a lot of cereal boxes in the house.

Cereal Box Guitars

Want to make your kid an instant rock star? Then hurry up and help them make their own guitars!

Giant Airmail Envelope

Does your kid need to mail something out? Make it more fun with this giant DIY envelope.It’s really no larger than a large letter, but the oversized classic red and blue stripe pattern around the edges and a big AIR MAIL stamp make it feel look like a giant envelope. Add large writing for added effect.

Cereal Mail Box

We’ve come up with a super inexpensive yet versatile cereal box mailbox to keep everything in one place till it’s ready to be sorted. Set it on an entryway table, a desk or hang on a wall to avoid that dreaded clutter.

A large cereal box is the perfect size and you’re bound to have one at home. It cuts easily and spray adhesive makes covering it with your choice of scrapbook paper a craft that can be done quickly.

DIY Cereal Box Embossing

Start embossing your folders for a personalized touch. I’m sure you’ll have an A+ for creativity.Making your own embossing plate out of cereal boxes offers so much variation and freedom. The sky is the limit on shapes and initials.