7 Homemade Mother’s Day Cards | Handmade Crafts

7 Homemade Mother’s Day Cards | Handmade Crafts

Homemade Mother’s Day cards are sentimental art pieces almost lost to time. With social media and text messaging, it’s easy to throw her a text or tag her your status to greet. But a true-blue crafter won’t miss this chance to show off her DIY crafting talents. If you’re looking for homemade Mother’s Day card ideas, you’ll find it here. Tell your mom she’s special with any of these homemade Mother’s Day card ideas!

Flower Pot Card

Many moms are also green thumbs. If you have one, this brilliant Mother’s Day card will light her up! You will only need construction papers, scissors, glue, yarn, and a marker. A preschooler can snip flowers this easy. This makes one of the best homemade Mother’s Day cards for kids to make.

Pop Out Flower Card

Pop-up cards may seem complicated and hard to make. But this simple pop-up card for Mother’s Day by Martha Stewart will surprise you. It is a detailed step-by-step guide you won’t have trouble following. Your green thumb mom will love these pop-up flowers, too!

String Art Heart Cards

Hearts may be typical of Valentine’s Day cards, but what’s stopping you to make it for Mother’s Day? The more hearts for your mom, the better, right? Tell her how much you love her with easy-to-make heartstrings card.

MOTHER’s Day Card

Make this printed DIY card lovely by highlighting the word MOTHER with bold colors. You can get it here, but this makes a great idea for homemade Mother’s Day cards. All you need are nice specialty papers and markers. Get working and let your mommy know, the effort you put into her greeting card.

I Love You This Much Card

This is a whole new pop-up card or more like a high-five card for mothers on her special day. You can make this with your kids for a Mother’s Day bonding activity. Look for more short Mother’s Day cards messages to go with this pop-up card.

Stitched Hearts Card

Cut out hearts in different fabrics and stitch them on with a beautiful thread. You only need basic sewing skills to get this one done on your own. Simply snip little hearts from colorful craft fabrics like wool felt. Thinner wool felts is ideal for this one. Line the hearts up and stitch along the center. Nothing like dozens of heart to tell her what a wonderful mother she is.

Simple Mother’s Day Card

A crafter never throws little trinkets and laces away. It’s a good thing when there are so much you can do with them. Take this simple Happy Mother’s Day card. It took some nice little buttons and some crocheted lace to make the flowers. You can print happy Mother’s Day wishes or write it on your own to finish off the project.