4 Design Tips For The Perfect Remodel

4 Design Tips For The Perfect Remodel

Is there a room in your house you know is not working? Maybe it’s outdated with cabinets straight out of The Brady Bunch. Or, maybe the layout is doing nothing for the space. Whatever the reason, the space simply doesn’t make you happy. You might be hesitant to start a project because you don’t think you have a clear sense of design. Fear not. You have it in you to design a space you love!

I take clients through the selections process to pick out the elements that will go into their remodel. We’ve had clients who think they can’t put together a cohesive design if their life depended on it. But, they end up with a wonderful new room they love! With these four tips, you’ll be on your way to creating the perfect remodel for your home.

1. Start With One Element

Don’t overwhelm yourself trying to make all of your selections at once. Start with one piece, like countertops and begin to match items from there. To make this even easier, decide what you want as the focal point of the room. For many kitchens, that could be the granite or the backsplash. If you enjoy cooking, your appliances could be a great feature to highlight. In a bathroom, it might be the tiled shower, and in a basement, it might be the entertainment center.

Every room will have a different focal point. Use this to your advantage by starting with something you love for that element and choosing other selections that go with it.

2. Take Samples With You

Once you have that first selection picked out, get a sample, or even a picture and bring to the next showroom to pick out another selection. Continue to pick up color and fabric samples as you make more selections. Not everything has to match, but you want to make sure that things aren’t clashing and that they mix well.

Take the samples you get from each place and carry them with you to the showrooms to compare the options. Once you get home, put them next to each other and view them in natural light. This will help in the design coming together.

3. Ask A Designer for Help

You don’t have to hire an interior designer to help with a remodel, although it doesn’t hurt if you do. Most showrooms have their own designers that specialize in helping you pick those selections out. They can help steer you toward the best choice for your design. When I take my clients to a showroom, I always make an appointment with one of their designers. They can answer questions about the specific materials, find selections within a certain design style, or simply offer their insight. Try to make an appointment ahead of time to get the designer’s undivided attention for your project’s needs. If you feel like you’re stuck, any additional input will help.

4. Trust Your Instincts & Have Fun

You know your preferences better than anyone else. Ultimately, this is your living space and it should be the product of your ideas and desires. Plus, this should be a fun process. You have the ability to completely recreate your space to be exactly what you want it to be. Starting from scratch, adding on to what is already existing, you’re in control of your project.

The secret to a perfect remodel is simply knowing what you like and don’t like. You have the ability to pick out what you like, put it into your design, and make it look like something straight out of a design magazine.