4 Awesome DIY Projects For Your Game Room

4 Awesome DIY Projects For Your Game Room

In need of awesome DIY projects for your game room? If you’re still missing a few pieces to make your game room the best there is, try these ideas.

It’s finally happened. You are now officially living the dream—you have a game room! Now the biggest worry you’re going to have to face is how to fill it. We’ve searched the internet for the best DIY projects to fill your game room with quality entertainment—and have fun doing so. After all, nothing beats the joy of creating something functional and cool, especially if the end result is aimed towards getting the most of your entertainment. So, without further ado, here are seven projects that we think would create the ultimate game room, whether it’s a new addition to your home or an old room that’s turned a bit boring.

Chalkboard Table

The first rule of the game room is that there will be no fighting. This new addition to your home should be your escape, the place you go to have fun, and not a room full of arguments over the score of a game—which is why this chalkboard table is perfect. You’ll need a table to place your beverages, maybe play some cards, and now it can be used to keep score too.

Entertainment Center

Often the epicenter of the game room is the entertainment center. The place for your TV for watching sporting events, for your consoles for playing video games and your audio system to keep the mood lively. All of this equipment can create a lot of mess, and you’ll certainly want a way to keep it all neat and tidy—especially since shiny new consoles and peripherals like the highly-anticipated Oculus Rift hit the market quite often.

Home Cinema Seating

If you’ve got a very large game room (lucky you!) you might consider the following DIY project—home cinema seating, made out of pallets. This is such a great idea for your DIY project, we wonder why we haven’t seen more of it. We love DIY projects that make use of cheaper, easier to use, materials that any DIY enthusiast can work with. Plus, it’s creative upcycling!

Stack the pallets on top of each other, set this up in front of your new entertainment center, put on the game and relax. Find out how to achieve it here. If your space does not allow for stadium-type seating, you can still use pallets to create comfortable sofas and take advantage of nooks.

Poker Table

For more serious game rooms, you might want to go one step further than a score-keeping chalkboard table and build your own poker table (you can have both, of course, it’s your game room).

Now, the skill level of this project is a little higher, but we believe in you and just imagine what fun you’ll have when you invite your friends around to play on this! These instructions make it seem like a breeze—perhaps it’s not so bad after all?